About IDAC

IDAC-Dose1.0 (Internal Dose Assessment by Computer) was created by Prof. Lennart Johansson at Umeå University in 1987 and is the sanctioned program by the International Commission of Radiation Protection (ICRP) to estimate the radiation risk for diagnosic examinations in nuclear medicine at hospitals. The program has been used to perform dose calculations from different radiopharmaceuticals in ICRP Publication 53, 62, 80, 106 and 128.

A new version, IDAC-Dose2.1, was developed based on the ICRP specific absorbed fractions and computational framework of internal dose assessment given for reference adults in ICRP Publication 133. The program uses the radionuclide decay database of ICRP Publication 107 and considers 83 different source regions irradiating 47 target tissues, defining the effective dose as presented in ICRP Publications 60 and 103.

IDAC takes cumulated activities (total number of disintegrations) per administrerad activity in hours and calculates the absorbed dose and the effective dose. IDAC-Dose2.1 has the possibility to calculate absorbed dose from 1252 different radionuclides of 97 elements. The computer program bases the dose estimations on the Cristy Eckerman stylized family phantoms.

To cite the program please use the reference below:
”Andersson M., Johansson L., Eckerman K. and Mattsson S. IDAC-Dose 2.1, an internal dosimetry program for diagnostic nuclear medicine based on the ICRP adult reference voxel phantoms. EJNMMI Research 2017”